GPS Tracking Services for Working parents

Why is GPS tracking services for your child’s school bus so important? Every working parent drudging through their working days, just looks forward to one thing, to go home and spend time with their kids. But what if you go home and don’t find your child there? Scary! Right?

“Safety and security” these are two simple words with a great meaning, realized more so after becoming a parent. Taking precautions and investing in the safety of our children is of paramount importance, especially in the initial years

With a steep increase in the number of missing child cases, it has become a necessity to have a GPS tracking system in school buses like TransportTracker(TT), that provides real-time travel status of students who are availing the school bus facility. It also improves transparency in the movement of the vehicle. TT allows parents to be notified of any deviations that might occur in the route or any unusual break or detour taken by the driver. Such technology will ensure fair and proper driving creating a sense of fear among those with malicious minds. In case of a mishap, the culprit can be easily fetched and evidence against crime can be obtained with higher efficiency, speeding up the process of judiciary decision making.

TransportTracker in your child’s school buses will prove to be a powerful tool towards safety and security of your children.