GPS Tracking for Safety of Teen Drivers

Watching teen drivers zoom past you on the streets is an irritatingly common occurrence now. No amount of reprimand and scolding is going to change the fact that Teen Driving is a trend that is here to stay and for a long run. Since we cannot stop our teenagers from driving, we need to do the next best thing; supervise them using GPS for teen safety.

At this point, a major portion of the teenage population has daily and easy access to vehicles ranging from scooters to cars. Despite being reasonably skilled drivers, they are still not mature enough to deal with problems that one can encounter while driving. They drive through busy streets as well as deserted byroads, each terrain providing a unique set of challenges. It’s thus of paramount importance that each vehicle, whether or not driven by teens, has a GPS system installed in it.

Having a GPS enabled vehicle gives the owner a considerable control and security options. To make the matter official, Indian Govt has issued a mandate called AIS 140 that makes it compulsory for all the vehicles, private or public, to have Vehicle Location Tracking (VLT) system installed in them.

Transport Tracker is a one-stop solution for all your GPS related worries. We provide ARAI approved GPS device that abides by all the regulations entailed in AIS 140, an Admin App that allows the owner to always be able to monitor and supervise his vehicles and an emergency button/SOS.