School Bus Notification System for Single Parents

This particular article illustrates the dire need and utility of a school bus notification system for a single parent.It’s difficult; being a parent that is. Especially in those initial years when the children are old enough to go outside on their own, but too young to understand the importance of their own safety. It’s ten times more difficult and nerve wracking when you are a single parent. As a single parent, father or mother, you have all the worries any other parent would have but along with that you are now also required to focus on your profession and manage the household. All at the same time.

Being a Single Parent, often, also means being the sole bread earner of the family. It’s difficult to manage professional and household responsibilities. There is a delicate work-life balance that needs to be maintained, it’s a responsibility often shared between two persons. But in this case it’s a one man/woman job. Things are especially difficult in the mornings, when you have left for work and the children are in their respective school buses. As important as it is to focus on your job, you are still often bombarded with worries like,

Did the children get on the bus ?

Has the bus reached the school safely ?

When will the bus leave the school ?

Has the the bus dropped my child at the drop point ?

And so on….

This is where Transport Tracker comes in. We provide a complete and all inclusive school bus tracking solution. It also includes a special application for parents to keep a track of their child’s school bus. So get TT for your child’s school bus and allow us to safeguard your children’s ride to and from school. Leaving you stress free.

Transport Tracker is a one-stop solution for all your GPS related worries. We provide ARAI approved GPS device that abides by all the regulations entailed in AIS 140, an Admin App that allows the owner to always be able to monitor and supervise his vehicles and an emergency button/SOS.