Retrieve Your Stolen Car with GPS

Global Positioning System” is a satellite-based navigation system. Multiple satellites send signals to GPS receivers to determine the exact position of an object on earth’s surface. This technology is widely used nowadays. GPS systems are used in navigation, tracking and for security purposes like retrieving your stolen car.

There has been an increase in the number of Automobile thefts. According to the reports, a car is stolen every 33 seconds in the world, the percentage of the vehicle recovered has also dropped. To prevent this car theft there are many solutions, but the most efficient one is using GPS Tracking Device. GPS vehicle tracking devices are now also used by big companies and businesses to track their employee when on fieldwork.

Real-Time GPS Tracking System has also played a big role in transforming Logistics Company by improving their daily operations. Any GPS Tracker has a GPS receiver to triangulate its own position from the satellite signals.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System, when installed in vehicles, can show exact coordinates of the vehicle on the mobile app and track the vehicle in real time. The mobile app also notifies you regularly and generate an alert in an emergency.

Setting up right alerts and real-time location tracking can increase the chances of recovering stolen vehicles. If someone even tries to steal your car, you will be alerted and can also trace the car position real time.

The Geofencing feature is also of very importance in which you select a virtual boundary around your vehicle and when your vehicle crosses the boundary a triggered alert would be generated.

The triggered alert would allow you to monitor in more massive manner. Rather than watching the map real time, you would simply get alerted when geofence is crossed.

Expanding the usage of GPS Navigation in this area rather than just for directions can be a boon for the society, and its implementation can save a fortune for the users.