Safety Standards
of your school.

Monitor Your Vehicles on the go, with high accuracy.

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About TransportTracker

TransportTracker is the first product of Manifest Solutions.

How often has it happened that you missed the school bus by just a few moments ?
Or been standing at the pickup point with no clue as to when the bus will arrive ?
Well, Not Anymore.


Delivering Quality & Consistency

Real Time GPS Tracking

Current Address of the bus with Three meter accuracy

Smart Notifications

Status of the Bus arrival at desired time.

100% Secure Data Storage

The data is secure and not shared with any third party.

Ignition Status

Real-Time status whether the bus is running, idling or off.

Speed Information

Real-Time speed of the bus and an overspeeding alert.

Sixty Days History

Past Routes followed by bus along with speed and Ignition status


Specially Built and Customized for Schools

Two years in the making!
75+ Schools from tier one, two and three cities as sample in understanding the features and surpassing the industry standards.

TransportTracker is the best provider of school bus tracking system. Not only does it make school bus more secure, but also helps working parents manage their time effectively while preparing their child for the school. School gets the admin app and dashboard, while the parents get the parent app!

Administrator App

A complete overview of status of all the buses and their past record available in a click.


Parent App

Monitoring and Alerts to parents of their children's buses.


Admin Dashboard

The power of web harnessed in the desktop version of the Administrator Panel

Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Pricing Plan


  • Real-Time Location
  • Speed Status
  • Ignition Status
  • Sixty Days History
  • Easy Installations
  • Unlimited Support
  • One year Warranty
+ 1500 annual fee


  • Basic Plan
  • +
  • Fuel Status
  • AC Status
  • Overspeeding Alert
  • Remote Cutoff Engine
  • Greater Than 3m Accuracy
+ 1800 annual fee


  • Advanced Plan

  • +

  • Parent App
per year

Download The App

Test before you buy. We provide free 15 day demo to interested clients.

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Our Client Loves Us

Client Image

Manali Rawat

Parent, Delhi Public World School

I use this app daily. Helps me in preparing my child for the pickup. It is very accurate and gives alerts on time.

Client Image

Chitra Nair

Parent, Delhi Public World School

This is good app for parents. I use it sometimes to track the bus location incase I am late.

Client Image

Farha Nadiadwala

Parent, Delhi Public World School

I use this app to see where the bus is during pickup and drop in the afternoon, and to check whether the bus has left the school


Frequently Asked Questions

The location has not updated since a long time, Why?

Sometimes due to network connectivity the GPS signal is lost and will take a few minutes to reconnect again.

How is the child safety guaranteed?

We provide a unique code to every school that is subscribed to our service, which they communicate to the parent.

How can I get the verification code?

The verification code is sent to you by whatsapp or mail. If not please contact the bus service provider and he will provide you with the same.

My School Bus has a different numbering system. How do I add the bus?

For consistecy we have opted for using the registration numbers of the buses. Please ask your bus service provider or just note the registration number while dropping/pickup up.

What if my child's school is not listed?

We aim to expand our project and enlist as many schools as possible. if your school is not listed then please contact the principal and ask him to contact us or drop us a mail at support@transporttracekr.in

Can I change the notifications as per my need ?

Yes, the notifications and alerts are timed as per your preferred timings.

Do you make any guarantees regarding the pickup and the drops?

No, we only provide tracking feature for the buses.

I have set Pickup and Drop still not getting notifications, why?

To get notifications please go to Settings --> Battery Optimisation and then turn off battery optimisation for TransportTracker app