School bus tracking system uses

“The recent advancements have enabled the real-time tracking of different vehicles in transit. When applied to school bus tracking. it can increase the safety standards of school dramatically.
To be aware of the whereabouts of the bus and time your pickup and dropoff according to it can be one of the most relieving tasks for the parent.

The main differentiator between the normal GPS and school bus GPS tracking is that the school bus tracking the location is visible to the admin and parents both. And thus this removes the need to call the driver or the administrator. Parents can interact with the tracking app and know the details like time to arrive. Has the school bus left for school? Where is my bus?

The advantages of real-time tracking of a GPS School bus tracker are as follows -

  • Enhances student safety standards throughout the commute
  • Monitoring of school buses 24*7 reduces the probability of a mishap.
  • Parents have a peace of mind

Let’s discuss these points in detail:

  • Enhances student safety standards throughout the commute: Real-time GPS tracking solution allows the parents to keep a track on the bus's whereabouts and with the ability to track the route, stoppages, traffic conditions, etc. This helps them to figure out any unusual behavior or movement which may affect student safety.
  • Monitoring of school buses 24*7 reduces the probability of a mishap: The administrator of the school can keep .a watch on the status of all the buses at a single go. He is alerted if a bus is driving above the prescribed speed. Or if the bus is idling for a longer time. If the bus is on the prescribed route or not. Thus the chances of a mishap gets reduced dramatically. 
  • Parents have a peace of mind: In order to assure peace of mind to parents, it sends immediate notifications to them at every stage. Boarding/de-boarding of the student while going to school, the arrival/departure of the school bus before time, in case the student has de-boarded at the wrong stop, changes in the school bus routes, the reason of delay, all are notified to the parents as well as school admin. This keeps them updated about each and everything during the student commute to/from school.