Need for GPS: We track like the cavemen

For all the technological advancements that are available to the general populace, their impact on our daily lives seems rather unbalanced and biased. Why else would it be that on one hand we have highly precise mapping and location services in form of Google Maps (maybe not that precise, but still !) and on the other when it comes to GPS enabling, vehicle tracking, both public and private, we are barely 10–15 years ahead of the dark ages .

There has been a huge rise in the percentage of crimes perpetrated in public and private transportation over last few years. This trend has been observed throughout the country and has further endangered the women and children class of commuters with poignant examples like Nirbhaya .There have been plenty other cases where children and students have been exposed to the criminal mentality of those who use this opportunity of zero monitoring and surveillance.

Despite the aforementioned situation, the portion of public transportation sector with any form of GPS enabling, Location Tracking Devices or Vehicle Monitoring System is virtually ZERO. Public Transportation accounts for more than 70 percentage of daily commuters and travellers. It is regrettable that despite being so heavily relied upon, this system has almost non-existent security and safety standards.

We are still living in an era where our children and family members are at risk every time they leave for their schools and offices.