Managing School Buses

Security of children has become one of the prime focus of every school. One of the prime instances is their willingness to invest in the monitoring and keeping a tab on the school bus by using a school bus tracking system. Every investment is made to expect a return. How do we measure the ROI of an investment in school bus tracking system? One of the most reliable and consistent systems to keep a track of school bus is by using a school bus tracking and monitoring system.

5 ways in which real-time tracking of school bus through GPS can help to make transportation system more efficient are as follows:

1. Monitor fuel costs: GPS-enabled school bus tracking system gives an overview of

  • Ignition on/off
  • Number of kilometers that a school bus covered
  • The route followed
  • The time taken to complete a trip.

On tracking these factors, the transport authorities can keep a record of fuel consumption and manage it accordingly. optimize routes and pickup along with drop off points

2. Track Driver’s Behaviour: Keeping a track of driver’s behavior (while they drive) is significantDrivers play an important role in ensuring that students commute to and from school safely.

  • Speed of vehicle
  • Stoppage time
  • Unscheduled stoppages

These are some of the factors that should be analyzed to ensure that drivers understand their responsibility towards the security of students and comply with the regulations.

3. Act in emergency scenarios: Reality is unpredictable. From heavy rains to the breakdown of the school bus, any kind of emergency may occur which may cause unusual delays in the transit. Thus the problem is solved when the admin can notify all the parents at a single go of what the problem is.

4. Manage fleet inventory: The school may consist of multiple numbers of buses which is very difficult to manage at a go. The overview section of the admin app gives all the details in a single glance for the admin to have a bird's view of the school fleet.

5. Check transportation rules: At the end if every month, it is important to audit if the rules set by transportation authorities are followed or not. By recording drivers’ activities, route diversions, breakdown scenarios etc., actions can be taken to improve the transportation system, such as introducing new rules or amending the existing ones. 

How to monitor school buses virtually? 

For tracking school buses in real-time and measure the metrics shared above, the best solution is a GPS tracking system enabled by the best devices and reliable servers. 

Mobile apps like TransportTracker enable school transport authorities to keep a track of fuel costs, manage fleet inventory, record driver’s behaviour, and more. This ultimately helps to make the transport system more efficient, giving a clear picture of the ROI received.